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Outdoor Adventure: London’s Best Adventure Playgrounds for Parties

Author: Rose Novotny  |  Last Updated: 13 July 2023

What better way to celebrate a special occasion in London than with an outdoor adventure playground party? Adventure playgrounds offer an exciting and interactive setting where kids can run, jump, climb, and explore to their hearts’ content. With an array of thrilling activities and unique play structures, these playgrounds provide the perfect backdrop for a fun-filled and unforgettable celebration. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some of London’s best adventure playgrounds for parties, where kids can embark on thrilling adventures while creating lasting memories.

The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground:

Located in Kensington Gardens, the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground is a magical wonderland inspired by the imagination of children. This expansive playground features a large wooden pirate ship as its centerpiece, complete with climbing nets, slides, and sensory elements. Surrounding the ship, there are various play areas, including sand and water features, teepees, and a giant wooden dragon. The playground is fully enclosed and offers ample seating for parents to relax while the children explore. It’s an ideal setting for a pirate-themed party or an adventure filled with make-believe play.

Coram’s Fields:

Coram’s Fields, situated in the heart of London near the British Museum, is a unique playground that offers a range of exciting activities for kids. The playground features an adventure playground area with climbing frames, zip lines, and a large sandpit. There are also sports facilities, including basketball courts and football fields, for children who enjoy more active play. With its central location and extensive facilities, Coram’s Fields is an excellent choice for larger parties where kids can engage in various outdoor activities and games.

The Tumbling Bay Playground:

Nestled within the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the Tumbling Bay Playground is an adventure-filled wonderland that celebrates the natural environment. This nature-inspired playground offers a range of imaginative play structures, including treehouses, rock pools, and sandpits. Kids can explore wobbly bridges, balance beams, and climbing frames, while water features add an element of splashing fun during warmer months. The Tumbling Bay Playground’s unique design and focus on natural play make it a fantastic choice for nature-themed parties or for little adventurers who enjoy exploring the great outdoors.

Battersea Park Adventure Playground:

Battersea Park Adventure Playground is a hidden gem located within the picturesque Battersea Park. This playground offers a mix of traditional play equipment and adventure structures, providing something for children of all ages. Kids can enjoy slides, swings, climbing frames, and zip lines, as well as a large sandpit and water play area. The playground also features a dedicated area for toddlers, ensuring that younger siblings can join in the fun. With its beautiful surroundings and abundant play opportunities, Battersea Park Adventure Playground is an ideal setting for a nature-themed party or a day of active play.

Alexandra Palace Adventure Playground:

Set within the sprawling grounds of Alexandra Palace, the Adventure Playground at Alexandra Palace offers an exciting play experience for children. The playground boasts an impressive wooden fortress structure, complete with climbing walls, tunnels, and slides. Kids can also enjoy swings, zip wires, and a large sandpit. The playground is surrounded by beautiful parkland, providing plenty of space for additional outdoor games and activities. With its commanding views of London and its variety of play equipment, Alexandra Palace Adventure Playground promises a memorable party experience.

Hackney Marshes Adventure Playground:

Hackney Marshes Adventure Playground is a hidden oasis of adventure in East London. This playground features an array of unique play structures, including a wooden pirate ship, climbing frames, and a zip line. There are also sports facilities, such as football and basketball courts, for children who enjoy a more active play experience. The playground is set within Hackney Marshes, a vast green space perfect for outdoor games and picnics. With its diverse play opportunities and beautiful natural surroundings, Hackney Marshes Adventure Playground is an excellent choice for a party filled with active play and outdoor exploration.


London’s adventure playgrounds provide the perfect setting for exciting and memorable outdoor parties. From pirate ships and treehouses to zip lines and sandpits, these playgrounds offer a range of thrilling activities for kids to enjoy. Whether you’re seeking a pirate-themed party, a nature-inspired adventure, or simply a day of active play, London’s adventure playgrounds have something for everyone. So gather your little adventurers, embrace the outdoor spirit, and get ready for a party filled with laughter, exploration, and endless fun at one of London’s best adventure playgrounds.