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"The kids loved it, and we can't wait for the next
party so that we can use Bazinga again.." 
- Karina Watermeyer

Packages Bazinga Parties
90 Mins / 12 Kids / 2 Services

The Active Party

Step right up and get ready for a whirlwind of excitement with Bazinga's most popular party package, The Active Party! Brace yourselves for an epic adventure filled with giggles, laughter, and non-stop action. Picture this: a group of enthusiastic kids engaging in our high-energy party games that will leave them breathless and beaming with joy. But wait, there's more!

Choose between the mystical wonders of balloon art, where colorful creations come to life right before their eyes, or unleash their inner superheroes with our marvelous face-painting that transforms them into fantastical characters. For a mind-blowing 90 minutes, get ready to bounce, jump, run, and dance as our energetic team ensures that the fun never stops. With The Active Party, prepare to enter a world where happiness, creativity, and sheer excitement collide. It's time to bring the party to life with a touch of Bazinga magic!

Packages Bazinga Parties
45 Minute Show

The Complete Party

Prepare for the ultimate extravaganza with Bazinga's Complete Party package! We've curated a premium experience that will leave your little ones dazzled and grinning from ear to ear. Brace yourselves as we unleash the full force of our top-notch entertainers, not just one, but two of them, to take your party to the next level. With a winning combination of three outstanding services – mesmerizing balloon art, captivating face-painting, and exhilarating party games – we guarantee 90 minutes of pure enchantment.

Watch in awe as our talented artists bring colorful creatures to life with their balloon artistry. Then, witness the magical transformation as their faces become living canvases, adorned with intricate designs and glittering accents. But the fun doesn't stop there! Our dynamic entertainers will lead the charge, orchestrating an array of interactive party games that will keep the excitement levels soaring.

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