Unleashing Creativity: Arts and Crafts Ideas for London Party Activities Bazinga Parties

Unleashing Creativity: Arts and Crafts Ideas for London Party Activities

Author: Rose Novotny  |  Last Updated: 13 July 2023

London kids parties are a perfect opportunity to unleash creativity, allowing young minds to explore their artistic abilities and create something magical. In this blog post, we’ll dive into a world of arts and crafts, where imagination knows no bounds. From painting to sculpting, get ready to discover a range of fun and exciting activities that will keep children engaged, entertained, and, most importantly, creatively inspired at your London party. Let’s embark on a creative adventure together!

Splatter Painting Extravaganza

Let the little artists unleash their wild side with a splatter painting extravaganza. Set up a designated painting area with large canvases or sheets of paper and provide a variety of non-toxic paints. Encourage the children to dip their brushes, sponges, or even their hands into the paint and splatter it onto the canvas with gusto. The result? Vibrant and abstract masterpieces that capture the energy and enthusiasm of the young artists.

DIY T-shirt Design

Give each child the opportunity to become a fashion designer by providing plain white T-shirts and fabric markers or paints. Encourage them to unleash their creativity and design their own personalized shirts. From bold patterns and abstract designs to drawings of their favorite characters, the possibilities are endless. Once the masterpieces are complete, let the shirts dry, and the children can proudly wear their custom creations throughout the party and beyond.

Sculpting with Playdough

Sculpting with playdough is a classic arts and crafts activity that never fails to engage young minds. Set up a playdough station with a variety of colors and provide child-safe sculpting tools. Encourage children to mold their own creations, whether it’s animals, food items, or imaginative creatures from their wildest dreams. The squishy and pliable nature of playdough allows for endless possibilities and guarantees a hands-on and enjoyable experience for all.

DIY Photo Booth Props

Bring the fun of a photo booth to your London kids party with DIY photo booth props. Set up a crafting station with colorful papers, markers, glue, and wooden sticks. Let children’s imaginations run wild as they design and create their own props, such as mustaches, funny glasses, crowns, and speech bubbles. Once the props are complete, the young partygoers can strike poses and capture memorable moments with their customized props in the photo booth area.

Collage Creations

Collage-making is a fantastic way to explore textures, colors, and composition. Provide a variety of materials such as magazines, colored papers, feathers, sequins, and fabric scraps. Encourage children to create collages on large sheets of paper or cardboard, allowing them to freely express their creativity. Whether it’s a nature-inspired scene, a futuristic cityscape, or a self-portrait, collages offer endless opportunities for children to combine various materials and create unique works of art.

DIY Suncatchers

Let the sunshine in with DIY suncatchers, which are not only fun to make but also add a touch of whimsy to any space. Provide clear plastic sheets or recycled CD cases, and let children decorate them with colorful translucent materials such as tissue paper, cellophane, or beads. Once the suncatchers are complete, attach strings or ribbons for hanging, and watch as the sunlight dances through the vibrant colors, creating a mesmerizing display of art and light.


Arts and crafts activities are a fantastic way to unleash creativity and provide endless entertainment at London kids parties. Whether it’s splatter painting, DIY T-shirt design, sculpting with playdough, creating photo booth props, making collages, or crafting suncatchers, these activities offer a space for children to express themselves, explore their imaginations, and take pride in their artistic creations. So, gather the art supplies, set up the stations, and watch as the young artists flourish and create masterpieces that will be treasured for years to come. Let the creative adventure begin at your London kids party!