Kids Magician in Camden Bazinga Parties

Kids Magician in Camden

"The magic showed was enjoyed by
children and adults alike." 
- Gouwa Ebrahim

Kids Magician in Camden Bazinga Parties
45 Minute show

About the Magic Show

Get ready for a whirlwind of giggles and gasps with Camden's very own Kids Magician! This magical maven will have your little ones spellbound, as they perform mind-boggling tricks that defy logic and leave jaws on the floor. From disappearing acts to silly illusions, they'll create memories that'll make your child's birthday party an unforgettable extravaganza. So gather 'round, ladies and gents, and let the enchantment begin! Brace yourselves for a dose of pure magic that will have kids and grown-ups alike believing in the impossible. Prepare to be amazed!

On the big day your Magician will arrive 15 minutes early to set up for the Magic Show and meet the Birthday Child. We recommend setting up for the magic show indoors or in a covered area so the little guests are comfortable.

The Show runs for 30 minutes and contains 6 - 7 hilarious magic sequences. The magician engages the whole audience by requesting help for sequences from the birthday child and other guests. We recommend our kids magic shows for children older then 4 years of age, smaller children can struggle to understand the Magic tricks.

*Please contact us directly for our Magic Show and Roaming Magic day rates

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Kids Magician in Camden Bazinga Parties London
Kids Magician in Camden Bazinga Parties London
Kids Magician in Camden Bazinga Parties London
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Kids Magician in Camden Customer Review

"Excellent service. Amazing magic show that the kids all loved!"


Kids Magician in Camden Customer Review

"I booked a complete party package and a magic show. Both old and young enjoyed the entertainment. Thank you so much!"


Kids Magician in Camden Customer Review

"Magic show was an absolute win ! Such great entertainment."


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